Flashback post. An introduction to why we homeschool

I have been wanting to post about my son for a while, but I wasn’t really sure where to begin. This morning a friend reminded me about a blog post I wrote forever ago (at least it feels like forever) about my sons development and I realized that could be the perfect introduction. The sweet little almost 3 year old mentioned in the article is now 6. We will get more in to his current development in the 3rd part of this series when I write my originally intended blog post, “Why we Homeschool”….Without further ado, here is a flashback post from Feb 2014 😱.


“I’ve decided to start this blog as a way to help family and friends have a little glimpse into our journey with our son, who was recently diagnosed with Autism. In addition to that, I hope it could possibly help other parents in our position as well. I am going to try to keep it pretty real here. Our life is wonderful, but it is at times quite messy. I’ve gotten used to that fact, hopefully you readers can too! 🙂

I’ve had a bit of a tough time decided where to start here, but I’m thinking we will go with a very brief overview of JP (thats what we will call my sweet boy) and all his awesomeness!!

imageI had a normal pregnancy, was induced because I had a bit of high blood pressure towards the end, delivered via c-section a perfectly healthy baby boy! JP was such an easy baby. Slept like a champ starting at 6 weeks. Nursed great. Ate solids great. Was always generally VERY happy! See…. cutest. baby. ever..

imageAs he grew into a toddler his goofy personality began to show. He walked a little late, but we did hold him quite a bit. He never really got into things or made huge messes and was always pretty cautious. Watching him grow has been such a blessing! This picture was taken at a year old. See… just adorable!!!

JP is now 2 (nearly 3, but I’m in denial about that). He is 100% little boy. Full of energy and life. He absolutely LOVES super heroes, trains, and all things Toy Story. He loves music, and being the center of our attention! Getting down to the nitty gritty, he has a significant language development delay (currently testing at the 13-16 month age range), a bit of echolalia , some pretty intense behavioral issues, a very slight fine motor delay, and significant food aversions. Nothing we can’t handle.
See… just perfect!!image



I give you this information because when I started thinking about JP and Autism, I began to question everything. Was it because I was induced? Was it the c-section? Should I have been curious about his lack of curiosity? I nursed and fed him a homemade almost all organic diet, where did I go wrong that he now rejects 90% of food? Was it the ever hot topic of vaccinations? What had I done wrong? After many sleepless nights of worrying, I can answer confidently nothing happened to my baby. He is just how God intended him to be and is absolutely perfect. 🙂

Going to try to keep these brief, so coming next week… When did we notice there was something super special about JP and what did we do? Until then, many blessings to you and yours! <3″



Random reflection almost 4 years later, man I put a positive spin on a super trying time. So much for keeping it real back then. 😅



Click here for Part 2 and Part 3.


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